Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Launch

Communication has changed. YouTube. Gmail. Blogger. SMS Messaging. Skype. Podcasts. For good or for bad, the speed of communication has certainly changed. The missionary letter is so yesterday. But why change now when it's worked so well for so, so long?

Why indeed? Why change to fit culture? And so for some time I've debated whether to create this blog. It seems a bit self-focused. It definitely is pop culture. But in my mind's eye I see a future missionary. He is no longer swayed by the old ways of communication. He is connected. He wants the personal touch, not the distant missionary in faraway lands. He wants to know and explore and sense his world in ways the old communication methods just can't satisfy any more.

I want people like this to understand our challenges, know that we are real people, and be challenged to pray, give, come or educate others about missions. And so we want to redeem this technology for just those purposes.

So here it is! The first post of our blog. We'll be writing and updating things here regularly, adding bits of culture, ministry, family life, and prayer needs. So check back frequently!

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