Sunday, February 26, 2017

Toward Clearer Vision

My physical vision has been nowhere near 20/20 recently. Increasingly blurry vision in my right eye sent me to the eye doctor frequently in Japan, and then to a specialist while in the States for a few weeks in February. Sitting in the office of the retina specialist, I prayed like Elijah: 'Oh Lord, open (my) eyes that (I) may see.' You've sent me to a land with many tiny complex letters. I need good vision to see them clearly and do my preparation. Clear up that little pocket of fluid on the back of my eyeball, please."

The good news is that my vision will return if I'm careful to take a little pill a couple times a day. If that fails, there's always a long needle or laser waiting (Think I'll try the pills first). How's your vision? Is it 2020?

We've laid out our 2020 Vision toward which we really need your partnership. We want to see God glorified in Japan through the establishment of new churches, and are working with all our might toward this vision in Kawasaki on your and Christ's behalf. Would you take a few minutes to look through the vision pamphlet below. Could you be a part of it with us? [CLICK TO READ]