Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Think Destination" Corner

Our 6 months in the States is coming to an end. Re-entry is tough. But it always helps with the transition to remember what good things are waiting on the other side of the world, in Japan. Here's my top 10+ favorite things in Japan.

10 Punctual Public transportation
We set our watch to trains that take us comfortably (well, mostly) and quickly anywhere in Tokyo.

9 Amusing etiquette signs in English
Sometimes translation goes a little wrongstrangely, or brashly...and makes me smile.

8 Japanese worship music
Take a listen to a recent contemporary favorite of mine. We also enjoy many western hymns in Japan.

7 Onsen (Hot Springs)
They're all around. If you're not overly shy, onsen can be a great place to relax in God's creation.

6 Prayerwalking
I've learned a lot about my neighborhood and people. And gotten hopelessly lost despite GPS.

5 Mountain climbing
We're surrounded by beautiful mountains. Another father-son climb is in the works for summer.

4 Our neighborhood Denny's
Owned by 7-11. With the call buttons on the table.

3 Gas stations (most are full service)
2~3 attendants hop about checking, washing, filling, stopping traffic for our exit and bowing as we leave. Buying gas never felt so special.

2 Cherry blossoms
They'll be blooming near us shortly after we arrive.

1 No snow to clear, grass to mow, or leaves to rake. 
Usually. Truthfully, we miss it...sometimes...not lately. 

And the number 1 favorite thing in Japan: Working amongst the people of our church plant (photo)We miss these people at Denen Grace Chapel and look forward to seeing them soon.