Monday, February 11, 2019

Tiny Chapel Designs

The tiny house craze may be the new thing in the States, but it is a common thing in urban Japan. Everyone's house is already a tiny house. With MuKo, we've been reminded of this once again.

With the land purchase completed, and builder contracted, the last few months has involved us working on the design aspects of the church facility for MuKo. We've learned a bit over the last few decades in Japan, and are applying it to the function of this multipurpose house/church facility. But the process has taken more time and energy than expected.
We're getting closer! We still have 4 meetings to go with the architect. Each one is an exhaustive day of details and considerations. By evening, decision fatigue has pretty much set in and Kaori and I are ready to head home. Once home, we process the information, sleep on it, and think through the best way forward. I might draw a sketch of what we are thinking, then emails follow to the architect. And more adjustments to review.

The challenge is how to fit everything into the tiny footprint of 60sq. meters of land. After  perimeter setback, we have 430sq. feet for the building on the ground floor. Upper floors need to be even smaller. That's a good amount of space for Japan. But it's a design challenge if people need to gather in that space.

Still, we've committed to the original concept of 1st floor ministry space, and 2nd & 3rd floor living space. After many attempts and changes, and a little creativity, I am happy to say that it all fits into a cozy package!

It will be SMALL, but it will pack a BIG gospel punch in MuKo.
The unreached 120,000 of MuKo (99% without Christ) will finally have a cozy evangelical church witness in 2019.

The first floor church space will have a large open room for worship and outreach, galley kitchen, office area, shower stall, and toilet. This will serve as the new church incubation area. 25 people can easily sit for worship. When we grow beyond that (remember this is hard-to-reach Japan and it takes decades), we'll add service times to accommodate.

A staircase from the front entryway will lead up to our private living area: kitchen, bath, tiny living room and two small bedrooms. There is no sprawling basement, spare ensuite bedroom, man cave, screen porch, walk-in pantry, or two-car garage. In fact, our car will need to be parked offsite to maximize the land space for the facility. Bicycle parking only!

We're on track for late spring completion of all structure and design matters, and early summer start of construction, with completion this year. When done, we will move and begin ministry in Muko. Our vision for the MuKo church: A New Japan...Worshipping God

Our goal is to raise all funds by March 31, 2019. Then we can confidently start the April fiscal year completely funded in this project, and set an early summer date for construction to begin. For the cause of Christ in Japan, can you join with us at this time? We're getting closer!

See our website here for more information on this project, and for online or mail-in giving: