Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things I Didn't Know to be Thankful for

"Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 5:20

Living in a different country and missing something for awhile makes one thankful for little things. Things I didn't know to be thankful for until leaving for Japan. Here's a few things -- in no particular rank or order -- that come to mind since we've returned to the States. These are just trivial sacrifices we gladly (usually) do without to serve God in Japan. They pale in comparison to what other missionaries gave up for the kingdom of God in history past.

But here they are. You won't find these in Japan. So, I'm thankful for:

* Room to get out of either side of the car.
* The cereal aisle in any grocery store.
* Christian radio. Christian Literature.
* Abundant parking.
* Church steeples all around.
* A western breakfast with pancakes and eggs.
* Corporate worship in English.
* Coupons. Sales. Easy Returns.
* Cheap electricity. Cheap gas.
* Instruction manuals in English.
* Pie and ice cream. Pizza without mayonnaise.
* Central heat. Insulated walls.
* A real shower. Solid deodorant.
* Clothing big enough to fit Americans.
* A chance to rake leaves from real trees on a lawn.
* So many choices. So much abundance.
* Conversation in English.
* Being raised in a Christian environment.

In a future post I will add some things I am thankful for in Japan, that we miss while in the States. Yes, there are many of those as well. How good God is to have blessed us with a knowledge and experience in both countries!

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chaniemom said...

I totally can relate to all of those things. One thing that I missed (that I never even particularly thought I like before) was French Toast. So, I called up a missionary and asked her how to make it. It's funny the things you miss that you never knew meant so much when you had them.