Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Banner

Today at church we were thrilled to have a member bring two Christmas banners that she had handmade for us. They are gorgeous, represent many hours of work, and really liven up the front of our otherwise somewhat drab basement rental hall that we use as a sanctuary. What a great addition for the start of the Advent season! It's great to see church people stepping up and using their spiritual gifts for the church in creative ways like this.


Kacie said...

Hello my name is kacie chase. my sister goes to Taylor University and forwarded me your most recent newsletter that she received from one of her professors. My husband, son and I, along with a team of 8 other people are getting ready to move to Japan in January to (hopefully) plant a church. It's so great to hear about your ministry! I loved looking over your blog and reading about your work. We will be in Nagoya in language school starting Jan. 24. Maybe the Lord will make our paths cross one of these days- it would be wonderful to connect with other believers in Japan! God bless.

Kevin said...

Thanks for letting us hear from you, Kacie. I am interested in how you've been led to mission work in Japan, and how you will go about this team church-planting work. Keep in touch with me as you settle into life in Japan from January!